Installing wind turbines

Installing wind turbines

We are able to offer the most cost effective installation solutions possible because of our experience and knowledgeable installation teams who work efficiently to install your wind turbine. It is imperative that we work closely with all teams involved to ensure the swift and easy installation of wind turbines.

Once your system has been installed by our installation team, we then help you with the maintenance and assist with the operation of your renewable energy system throughout its operational lifetime.

Every wind turbine installation is carried out by our very own manufacturer trained in-house engineers. This means we can ensure high quality standards and the client always gets the very best installation and back-up.Installing wind turbines


A typical installation will involve the following stages for a sub 500kW wind turbine:

  • Construction of access track and crane pad
  • Excavation of turbine base and cable trench
  • Stoning and levelling base
  • Pouring and levelling blinding concrete
  • Building steels
  • Installation of holding down assembly / foundation can
  • Installation of lightening protection, ducting and services
  • Foundation sign-off before concrete is poured
  • Casting structural concrete
  • Sanding cable trench, laying cable and backfilling trench and turbine foundation
  • Construction of sub-station foundation including ducting to DNO specification


Electrical Installation & Commissioning Stages

  • Cable Laying
  • Sub Station Construction
  • Electrical installation, system testing and electrical sign-off
  • Commissioning and fine tuning to ensure optimisation
  • G59 witness test with DNO
  • Handover of turbine to client

wind Turbine Selection and Procurement

Turbine Selection and Procurement Turbine procurement is one of the most important aspects of a wind energy development. Turbines may represent up to 80% of the capital cost of a wind farm and their reliability and long-term power output are crucial to the financial performance of the project.

It is important to secure not only an acceptable price, but also the right guarantees, delivery and performance bonds and specific guarantees on aspects of performance governed by planning conditions, such as noise.

We have long-standing contacts with all the major manufacturers. Acting on behalf of owners, investors and banks, Enviko draws on years of experience to offer a comprehensive array of commercial and management services.

Whether planning, acquiring, operating, re-powering or selling a wind farm, Enviko can offer clients a range of skills and experience – from essential project services such as due diligence, through to adding value by way of project lifetime support.

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